2018 Reno Air Races Results Pt 2

2018 Reno Air Races Results Pt 2!


For Sports Gold, and Heat 3, One Moment, Piloted by Andrew, Findlay of McCall Idaho. The average speed was 402.716

For Heat 1A 2A, Race 39, Piloted by Jeff LaVelle, of Kenmore Washington. The average speed was 388.344.

For Heat 1B and Silver, Jus Pass’n Thru, Piloted by Ernie Sutter of The Woodlands, Texas. The average speed was 288.958

For Heat 2B, Lucky Girl, Piloted by Vicky Benzing of Saratoga, California. The average speed was 288.408

For Heat 1C and 3B, GA1, Piloted by Karl Grover or Riverside California. The average speed was 287.184

For Bronze, Legacy, Piloted by Chiwami Takagi-Read, of Aichi, Japan. The average speed of 273.801

For Heat 2C, Martin’s Legacy, Piloted by Dave Morss of Redwood City, California. The Average speed was 262.010

For Heat 2D, Tenacity, Piloted by Mark Frederickson, of Cameron Park, California, The average speed was 237.537

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