2018 Fire Season Thread (Part 2)

Right now crews have been ordered back to California after Having a horrible year. The California Campfire started yesterday already 70,000 acres and have destroyed the town of Paradise California. Today the following have been order to mobilize.
If I hear any additional crews I’ll update this thread!
All photos are NOT mine also!

Erickson Aerotanker MD87
Tanker 105

10 Tanker Air Carrier DC10s
Tanker 910

Tanker 914

Neptune Aviation BAe 145

Tanker 03

Tanker 12

Tanker 40

Tanker 41

Global Super Tanker 747
Tanker 944


fantastic photos friend! ;)


Thanks a lot for this info! As a lil proud Californian myself it truly sucks to see all our wildlife just getting destroyed by fires. Too bad I haven’t seen Air Tanker 911 around recently, thought he was still flying. Anyways great info!


Those photos are so beautiful

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Tanker 911 is currently in ABQ I believe I’ll need track it down

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@anon93248082 There’s also another one thats creeping up on LA in the Ventura county area, started yestaday, and is spreading fast.

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Whats is the little crop duster plane for?


I live near KSJC (in the Bay Area) and the air quality here is terrible!

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That’s a SEAT - Single Engine Attack Tanker ever see the movie Planes?
Dusty the plane ended up being a SEAT during the fire fighting scene


Yea thats what it reminded me of. That was a great movie.

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Already starting my preps to get evacuated if needed. It’s honestly become a normal thing for Californians to do nowadays.


Here’s a current view ton of resources on this


Wait wasn’t this in the 2nd movie?🤔

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Anyone else get that notification from Flightradar24 app about the fire-fighting 747 flying around? (About 1-2 hours ago) I believe it was flying over this fire.

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Something like that lol

Oldies getting the job done!

It’s a fun show ton of helicopters! Lol

Are they owned by some company or the state?

Both County, State, Forestry and contracts

Here’s one of the DC10s

Actually flew into Burbank today. Had an aerial view of it. It’s truly quite sad and surreal. Thoughts and prayers out there to those affected. Been intouch with @natedog508 who is nearby but shouldn’t be affected.