2018 Fire Season - Alaska

What an extremely slow Fire Season it was, well for us. This was the first year we won two contracts to support Fire Operations with in the State of Alaska. Here are some shots of this year fire season! This year we were on Fire 357 or nicknamed the “Taixtsalda Hill Fire”

Currently we have a Bell 212HP Nicknamed Blue Berry in Tok, Alaska fighting fires.

All pictures are taken either by company or BLM.

(BlueBerry at USFS Station Tok)

(The Magic School Bus with a Bambi bucket scooping water up Photo taken by BLM)

(The BlueBerry and the Magic School Bus)

(The Magic School bus and the Fire 357 nicked name “Taixtsalda Hill Fire”)

(The Magic School bus and the Fire 357 nicked name “Taixtsalda Hill Fire”)


I just wanted to know, are you a hello mechanic or pilot?

I am not a mechanic not that smart ;)
I’m a Dispatcher and then I ferry our helicopters around when need be for my company!

(I’m also the Public Relations Officer for the company also)


Hey, it’s a good thing fire season is slow. Lovely pictures.

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Yeah, we made some money off of this year. We might have some new assignments real soon

That’s really cool! Didn’t think Alaska would have fires though

It’s cold, just how I like it :)

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We do typically have fires, depending where you’re at it’s extremely dry, where Fire 357 at it lights up every year that’s called the Interior.

South East Alaska - is a massive rain forest so it won’t have fires.
South Central Alaska - Where I’m at it depends on the year, two years ago a good size fire lit up a few miles south of me.
Kenai Peninsula - Doesn’t typically light up
Western Alaska - Doesn’t light up since there’s nothing that can catch on fire lol

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