2018 BWI Airport Sunset Spotting, with a classic catch!

Hello fellow aviation admirers!

I was going through a couple of old files on my computer and happened to come across a file containing over one-hundred fifty pictures I took last summer inside Baltimore’s observation gallery. This was my first time using a quality camera, and my poor editing skills, but I still hope you enjoy them somewhat!

N518AS exiting the runway from Seattle

N7849A at the gate C12

N933JN taxing in from New York

N7849A pushing back

N729JB exiting the runway from Ft. Lauderdale

N8859Q arriving in from Pittsburgh

TF-NOW exiting the runway in from Reykjavik

N662NK arriving in from Ft. Lauderdale

G-ZBJH using all the runway after the long flight from London

Special Treat!

N968TW, an ex-TWA MD83, and one of the oldest American “Maddogs” left, just pulls in from Dallas

I personally hope you enjoyed these photos that were taken last year inside the Observation Gallery at BWI Airport! They may not be the best, but I liked them! Thanks for viewing, and keep at it! Have a great day!


nice shots!


Awesome shots PTV! I took a trip at to BWI this month

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Nice pics 👍🏽

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I love the Spirit Airlines

Wow, wow air


Aye, oh ya! 🎉

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Love the JetBlue and the Alaska

I especially love the JetBlue.

Oh and the Southwest

Love your pics thanks for sharing them with us 👍🏽😄

Fun Fact:

  1. JetBlue removed service between BWI and FLL, so now only the E190 serves us up to Boston

  2. WOW air no longer exists, so the purple aircraft are not to be seen anymore

  3. American switched their MD82/83’s to A319/B738’s because of the distance between BWI and DFW


I was supposed to fly out of there last month but my flight was cancelled and I flew out of IAD instead


Great photos 👍

It’s always so sad to see a WOW photo at BWI since it was one of their most successful if not most successful US destination. They will always be missed at BWI

And I remember seeing those American Maddogs at BWI since I was 5 years old!

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Same here!

I suppose this is a more general point, but we also lost the service…

Same at PIT!

I have conclusively determined that KPIT and KBWI are the same, since, well I got three pieces of evidence right there… ☝🏻

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We don’t have an airport train yet 😢

Also BWI and PIT have a BA flight to London on the 787. The routes from both airports look very similar.

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We’re ditching ours, we already moved on. And yes, that is 🔥, the 787 is so pretty… 😍

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We’re both a southern Airways Express Hub… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Also construction on BWI started in 1947 and PIT starting in 1946 just one year apart.

We also have a runway with just a 1 foot difference PIT RWY 10L/28R and BWI runway 10/28 also with the same runway heading.

Also at our airports have that short/long term parking thing (I don’t know how many others have it)

And the most fun fact:
The exact same commercial airlines operate from both BWI and PIT except (Ultimate Air shuttle & Contour) which are both very small regional airlines.

They actually have a lot in common, I’d like to visit Pittsburgh Airport in the near future, maybe if I can find a sale 😉


Uh, we did have them, then there was some sort of situation with Contour, there Bankrupted now, I think our airport authority is suing them like over 1 mil since there were subsidized flights they never carried out.

Cargo is different though…

You guys have more cargo flights, but we have a bigger bird for what I can find…

That’s really neat. We do have more runways though… 😉

But not for long… 😥

Ha, get yeeted, we get ya… 😂

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