2018, a Very Groundbreaking Year for IF.

Infinite Flight started out as a plain, rather undetailed simulator compared to years like 2015, when Live was first introduced, and just about two years ago Global released, which for moblie simulators is simply groundbreaking. But, I missed the 737, TBM-930, CRJ-900, -1000, and the A-10 rework, as I was focusing on school. But because I hit winter break, I recently renewed my subscription, and found that Infinite Flight has advanced even more, mainly because of the new UI and live instruments on the A-10.

So I thought, how would I rate 2018? Well, in my opinion, 2018 has been incredible and is one of Infinite Flight’s best years. What do you think?

(BTW, I’m back… again. Sorry for being out for so long. 😬😞)


Hey man, and welcome back!
There is already a thread on this topic, you can have a look below if you like:


Now I remember, search before you post!


Wasn’t it just an amazing year for Infinite Flight? Aren’t they amazing?!

Welcome back to this community forum and it’s great to see you once again 😊


dont forget the A320 rework

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