2017 New Commercial Aircraft

2017 will be a big year for many.


WOW, Didn’t know that all of them are coming this year, knew the big name aircraft coming, Hey hopefully we will see these aircraft in infinite soon.

Really looking forward to the A321 and A319neo. I also can’t believe Airbus is actually getting the A350-1000 out before the B787-10? Why has Boeing taken so long?


Can’t wait to see the cute a319neo

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737 MAX! Can’t wait!

It sure will be a fantastic year for aviation :)

Looking forward to seeing how the CS300’s competitors turn out considering that the CS300 has done the best out of them all.

This is a great article, thanks for sharing! Will be looking forward to the MAX, 787-9, Embraer E2 and in the future the 777X.

Looking forward for the A319neo with the huge engines. 😍😍

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I just want 2017 to be a year of deliveries.
Does any one remember when there were only a handful of airlines operating the 787? It was a rare sight. Now you go to FR24, and it’s full of 787s (they recently delivered their 500th 787), in only like 3-4 years.
I want to see the same for the A350 and A320NEO family.


Around northern winter 2017 we are sure to see FR24 filled up with new aircraft

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Looking forward for the 787-10! I can’t wait to see it soar into the skies :)

Can’t wait :)

Can’t wait for airbus a321 neo Air New Zealand

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