2017 Learjet Crash at Teterboro - How NOT to fly an airplane (NTSB Animation)

On May 15th, 2017, a Learjet 35A crashed during the approach into runway 1 at Teterboro Airport, New Jersey.

NTSB now published a 2D animation of the crash including CVR transcripts and ATC communication.

The video shows how poorly both the pilots communicated and how they basically violated company policy all over the flight: The pilots were not complying with ATC instructions, violated speed restrictions, had no situational awareness, did not follow standard company procedure and failed to communicate correctly.

The result: A fatal crash only a few miles away from the airport.


And how did they pass the test?


Co-Pilot was not qualified and had performed poor in sim and other tests.


So sad. Bad crm. Terrible situational awareness. They should’ve aborted the approach when they went past Tourby. :( The captain should’ve taken over when the FO said your plane instead of 12 seconds before impact.


Thankfully there were no pax on board. The co-pilot made a good call trying to hand over controls prior to the approach but that captain should’ve lost his license had he made it to the ramp. Awful job from both parties.

I’m not type rated on a Lear or have ever flown something that big but I’m pretty sure I could keep it in the air. The Captain should have been able to fly and work the radio.

Thank you,
I’ve been waiting for two years trying to get more on this accident.

Now that we have it, (if it’s accurate) I don’t know why anyone would not only risk their lives but others live with senselessness, as that airspace is some of the most highly congested in the country.

Oh my goodness. That’s crazy! Wonder what was going on with those pilots…

Just watch this, this irritates me

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Good lord. I have so many questions right now. Apt title @Marc!

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