2017 Infinite Flight Olympics | Team Germany

Dear Pilots/Liebe Piloten!

Yes, this year, I am leading the German Team for the IFO(Infinite Flight Olympics). Last year wasn’t the best year the German Team had. This year I want that to change by applying more stricter rules than last year.

You must be Grade 3 or above.
You have to be friendly to your teammates.
You must be active at least every 3 days.
You must be active every Sunday morning to take part in the weekly events
You have to know how to fly professionally in IF.
You must only fly a livery from the list below
You have to have fun

If you don’t follow all of those rules, you will be removed from the German Team.
If something happens in your daily life and you can’t participate for 1 week or more, you have to tell me.


Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A330-200
Airbus A340-600
Airbus A380-800

Boeing B737-700
Boeing B737-800
Boeing B747-400
Boeing B747-8
Boeing B757-200
Boeing B777-200F
Boeing B787-8
Boeing B787-9

Bombardier Dash Q-400

Cessna C208



3 AirBerlin

6 Lufthansa, 1 Lufthansa Regional

2 Tui, 2 TuiFly


1 AeroLogic


1 Lufthansa Cargo



•Airbus A319

•Airbus A320

•Airbus A330-200

•Airbus A340-600

•Airbus A380-800


•Boeing B737-700
AirBerlin, TUIFly

•Boeing B737-800

•Boeing B747-400

•Boeing B747-8

•Boeing B757-200

•Boeing B787-8

•Boeing B787-9


•Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400
AirBerlin, Lufthansa Regional


Cessna C208

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the German Team this year, you will have to contact me. I will then give you a plan on when I can test you.

How it works

So I am the Judge. You get two chances. If you land very badly on the first one you still have another chance. If you land very well on the first chance, you still have make a second landing.
If 14 people applied, you can’t apply anymore. At the end, all the points are added up for each player out of 20.



President and Vice President
President : Xpheros
Vice President : @Joshua_Bayes_Green

Because I am the captain for the German team of the IF Olympics, it is my duty to help the German Team win this year’s IF Olympics

Thank you/Danke, Xpheros


Btw, I need a second Judge, doesn’t matter if he/she is not in the German Team.

I would like to welcome @jdag2004 to the team!
He is going to be the vice president and a second judge!

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Grateful to be part of the team!

Do you have time to play IF for just 5 minutes? Just to test your flying skills. Is that ok?

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Yeah, more than okay. Tell me the plane and region and the server.

Also I’m Grade 3 because I haven’t flown enough recently, just need to get landing then I’m all good.

Is it possible if any @moderators could make this topic into a wiki? I am asking for this because I am away for 10 days, and I would like @jdag2004 to add people that would like to join this team.

Hey, I might be interested… When will the IFO take place this year? Do you speak German?

The IFO starts 3 weeks after global has released - whenever that may be…


I am aware of that, thank you. :)
Edit : Oh wait, you’re talking to @fraspotting1

Yes I do speak German(ja, ich spreche Deutsch). :)

@jdag2004 is no longer part of the German Team, which makes @fraspotting1 and myself the only ones.

If a space as Vice President is open I’ll take it!

It is, welcome to team! I sent you a pm about when I can test your flying skills!

Will check it now, When are the olympics?

The Olympics are 3 weeks after the release of the Global update.
Just to be sure, check the rules, and when you have to be online on the topic above.

As said in this topic : Infinite Flight Olympics | | 3 Weeks To Go
The IFO are in 3 weeks! Last chance if you want to join the German team!

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Do you have all the requirements needed and accept all the rules above?

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I have all requirements for grade three except the landings part…

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