2017 | Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race

Update #2: Night 2 (26 Hours)

Currently 7/23 Gas Balloons are still flying during Night #2! We are now 26 Hours into the Race!

Countries still racing:
Great Britain
Germany (x2)

The two balloons that came down during the night, I can confirm that one is “Down and Safe” and landed because he couldnt get up and over the 6000 ft limit over Kaliningrad and brought it down to avoid getting disqualified (Since the wind was going right into the Red Zone)

I was betting on America, well, there goes my college funds 😓


Update #3 - Day 2 (41 Hours)

FRA1 landed in Estonia at 06:24Z after going 1834.72 KM. He is currently the furthest flown

Great Britain (GBR-1) landed in Poland at 07:10Z after going 1139.14 KM

5/23 Balloons are still up and are working with the winds to get through the 40 km airspace path.

  1. Germany (GER-2)
  2. Germany (GER-1)
  3. Austria (AUT-2) - ( @MishaCamp )
  4. Switzerland (SUI-1)
  5. Spain (ESP-1)

11 and 12 are trying to go as slow as possible to get the south-west wind in 2 hours. (Unless they are landed to avoid the red zone)

3, 6 and 18 look good and should be able to pass trough the red zone path if they stay high (North-East Winds)

That is really far, are you sure it isn’t a typo?

Maybe… Lets forget about that… :P

So 5 balloons are still going, right?

Do you think France can hold down the fort, or do you think one of these other balloons is going to beat them?


I personally think that 12 and 11 are going down in the next hour… 3 might get a Easterly wind. 6 and 18 have a chance…

If France doesnt stay #1… 18 deserves it and they definitely are going for the W. (I think someone will pass up France in my opinion.)

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Ok, are there rules on how much food/water they have to bring?
And what happens if you have to use the… restroom?

Restroom is a bucket (which they put into sand and dump it out (once they get low) :P

Theres no rules on food and water (from what I know) so they could fully ration at eat a carrot a day or they could have lobster meals up there (you would have to cook it someway though :)

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Aah, so they use like pre-cooked meals, but there aren’t rules on how much food though?

I believe so… So its sort of what astronauts eat usually (Ill ask one of the pilots or ill just research) #TeamUSA

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Update #4 - Day 2 (45 Hours)

Germany (GER-2) landed in Poland at 16:00Z after going 1281.90 KM
Germany (GER-1) landed in Poland at 16:15Z after going 1248.30 KM

3/23 Balloons are still up and are still working to get through that little airspace path

  1. Austria (AUT-2)
  2. Switzerland (SUI-1)
  3. Spain (ESP-1)

Update #5 - Day 2 (46 Hours)

Austria (AUT-2) landed in Poland (Just before the DFQ (Red Zone) at 17:40Z after going 1242.62 KM

2/23 Balloons are still up

  1. Switzerland (SUI-1)
  2. Spain (ESP-1)

The race will most likely end tonight or tomorrow morning (Before nightfall or after they pass France)

You think either one of them still have a shot at France?

Yep… They definitely do! :)

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Update #6 - Day 2 (47 Hours)

Spain (ESP-1) landed in Poland at 18:35Z after going 1334.24 KM (Automatically Taking 3rd)

1 Balloon still up

  1. Switzerland

Update #7 - Night 3 (48 Hours)

Switzerland (SUI-1) landed near the border of Poland and Lithuania at 19:08Z after going 1366.78 KM

they landed earlier then they wanted due to bad weather ahead

All Balloons are Down and Safe! (Results will be posted later and then ill be back on this topic in October for the USA Version of this race (From the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico)

@Kevin_Potthast regarding food… I see chips, carrots, trail mix, cereal, bread, and theres other stuff too…



(More pictures of the race from GB2017FR)

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Good to see everybody is safe! Can’t wait for the American one.

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