2016 Second Safest Year for Aviation

Despite the high profile airline crashes we have heard about this past year, 2016 is the second safest year in aviation history according to this article.

From ASN:


Wow! Really nice 👍. What’s the first safest year?


Maybe 1903? If you don’t get it, that was when the Wright brothers made the first flight.


Are you kidding me!? 1903? What about last year?

I believe it was 1972 with 2429 casualties. It also had the most global commercial airline crashes in a year wth 55.

In all seriousness, I think 2013 was the safest with 224 fatalities.

WOW!! 2429 fatalities! Maybe that’s why people fear flying back then😨😨

2013 had fewer deaths and 2015 had fewer (but more passengers aboard) crashes.

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I think 1996 was deadly too. Including TWA 800

Interesting, make sense. I’ve heard of lots of plane incidents but not very many fatalities.

That’s very surprising…I didn’t expect that to be honest.

We should start expecting that every year is the safest.
We are at the hight of aviation, and it will keep rising.
Flying will become safer and safer, year by year.


Like @nicochile2 said, The airline industry is keep improving their safety from year to year. From safety features that will be implemented in new aircrafts, until a better crew training to prevent incidents. We can’t stop accidents/incidents as they will come. But at least with these kind of innovations, It do reduce the number of crashes. In the last 5 years (Except 2014), We have seen a huge improvement in matter of safety with less crashes compared to 15/20years ago.

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Makes sense. In the 15 or so accidents in the past few months, only a few have had casualties.

Finally something positive about 2016

What’s wrong with 2016?

i think he means because of US election and brexit

i see you are from chile and you did win copa america so i can understand why you are asking.

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@nicochile2 you see this guy knows what I’m talking about 😏

What! We had 5 crashes in December ONLY!!! How could 2016 be the second safest year for aviation?

Maybe we didn’t have many crashes in the other 11 months.