2016: Great Year For Aviation

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I know 2016 is long gone, but money reports don’t come out til this time of the year. And I came across these articles and saw that 2016 was not only the year in which air travel saw the most use but it was the second safest! This is a great sign as air travel really took a hit since 9/11 and many doubted it would recover.

Many attritube this to newer aircraft being put into production, stricter regulations and overall increase in safety is making this possible.

Why is this Important?
Not only is this a morale booster to those who are involved with air operation, commercial and private as you are making the skies safer. But this also reassures me as a passenger that the skies only seem brighter!

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Isn’t this kind of a duplicate

I suppose there are a few differences, but largely the same

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Thanks for your comment, I’m using that to support my article that talks about money… Similar yes but not the same.

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No worries, there are some differences!

2016 was the year that I boarded an A380 for the first time ;)


That is always a good day

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I see no surprises here. Traffic doubles every <20 years. Also, as I have said countless times on this forum, aviation is extremely, and I mean extremely, safe.

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Yeah I agree. The media and ourselves blow things out of proportion. Who knows what the future of aviation holds.

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