2016 Any Flight Team (AFT)

Bringing to you the 2016 Any Flight Team (AFT)…no we are not a VA or any sort of airline. We are just some few pilots who have bonded together and created a flight team. I’m extending a rare opportunity to join and fly with us!
This offer closes soon. Just wanted to see if any regulars would like to accompany me and my flight team into the skies! Have a great night guys

Grade 3+
Any sort of inappropriate talk is not tolerated


So the PM people are included?

You guys are my private flight team ;) especially you birthday kid🎂

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Can I join? Is it just like group flights and stuff

I’m interested, how do I join?

Yes it is group flights! We try to fly together as a group…we have had so,e very fun and amusing flights before (I’ve stalled on takeoff, someone’s crashed on landing) etc.
If you are interested I shall add you @David_Hopkins just pm me

Just pm if you are interested :)

If you don’t want to mention in the comments below you can just pm me and if you meet e requirements then I can officially induct you into the AFT

@SkyHighGuys can you add me

Oi you said I could join earlier on that post how do I join?

Yes absolutely!! And I’ll pm you. @Captain_Rojas will invite you to our Media Slack

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Accept my invite and wait for my guy to bring you in. Please provide your email for him

Wait wait stand by

Yes u are so right!!! I was so full of my IFATC session and stuff I can’t think

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