2016 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-700

Hey guys!

As I was lying peacefully asleep in bed, I was shockingly awakened at exactly 3:49 AM with the realization, “We don’t have the Alaska Airlines livery on the 737-700 on Infinite Flight yet.” So, here I am.

Alaska Airlines has a fleet of precisely eleven passenger 737-700s, with many more as Alaska Air Cargo aircraft. Most of the ones for passengers serve routes across Alaska and from Anchorage to Seattle.

Here are a couple of pics of this amazing aircraft. These pictures are my own.

Mr. Eskimo’s good side

Mr. Eskimo’s other good side (he has so many of them :)

For those wondering, this is precisely how many of these aircraft are gracefully dancing the skies as of February 21st, 0816 UTC.

Why do we need this livery on the 737-700? Why should you vote for this?

1). Because it will allow more flights to be served.

2). Because Alaska Airlines is the most beautiful livery ever to have graced the skies on a 737’s body.

3). Because the 737 will get a rework soon. When it does, I (and I’m sure many of you) would really like this to be added.

4). Users without Pro will finally be able to fly an Alaska aircraft for the low, low cost of absolutely free.

If you would like to fly this stunning livery on this fantastic aircraft, please do not forget to vote that smash button at the top of this page.

Thanks for reading. Let’s get this in the sim!

Hey! I was gonna make this topic!!!

Anyways you definitely get a vote.


Thank you!


FYI I did find a duplicate, but it’s inactive since 2018 so ya might wanna close it…


Lol great topic!
(Only 1 pic allowed though, sorry :(


Much wanted for a long time with the 737-800. You have my vote :)


Vote = Given.
This is a must, I’ve always wanted the updated Alaska livery on the 737. Maybe with this we could add the updated (2016) livery on all the 737’s when it gets reworked sometime in the future.


Just gave you my vote!


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Thank you!

@Claudio, I asked Marc to close that one and he did :)


Hey! Nice request, I would love to see this. Just a reminder to make sure you abide by this requirement that Robertine included above to avoid the chance of the topic being closed. Very pretty livery ;)


Yes. I love the 737-700 series (reminds me of the -300 series a bit). And I love Alaska Airlines and their semi-classic interiors in their aircraft fleet.

I love the 737-700 too! It’s so buttery! Maybe you’d like to leave a vote 😉

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Seven votes already? Thanks guys :)


I would assuming I had any votes left.

I would love for this livery to be in IF! Then I can actually try the Milk Run!


Hey, there’s a possibility! You should leave a vote 😉

I wish but I’m out of votes :(

We have seven votes in two weeks! That’s awesome.

I don’t know about you, but I would place a vote on this as soon as you can!

9 votes!!!


Ten now!

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