2016-2019 Plane Spotting Part 2 ( Rare Visitors)

Hi everyone,
I picked up some special planes photos today.

Airport: Tokyo Haneda/Narita
Camera: NIKON D750

1, Saudi Arabian Government
Boeing 747-468 HZ-HM1B

2, Saudi Arabian Government
Boeing 747SP HZ-HM1B

3, Saudi Arabian Government
Boeing 757-23A HZ-HMED

4, Republica Federativa Do Brasil
Airbus A319 VC-1 2101

5, Kingdom of Cambodia
Airbus A320-214

6, Azerbaijan Airlines
Airbus A340-542 4K-AZ86

Airbus A310 T.22

8, Korean Government
Boeing 747-4B5 10001

9, Arab Wings
Boeing 737-7BJ T7-PAL

10, Qatar Amiri Flight


Nice pictures dude

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Amazing shots, Tai!


so many government planes, what airport is that

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The 747SP just looks so… strange 😂 amazing shots 😍

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Nice shots, loved the last one with the two Qatari Aircrafts

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Idk, But if anything that looks like Haneda but idk im from America

The airports are Tokyo Haneda/Narita it is mentioned above.

Oh WOW! These shots are absolutely stunning!

Awesome photos @TAI, must’ve been cool to see that 747SP!

I bet @AvioesEJogos will like the Brazilian A319.

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Yes! Ez choice for my fav!

Thanks guys!

awesome shots dude!

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