2014 Yellow Spirit Airlines A320

It would be an great addition! I’ve flown this from BOS to SJU last week, and I’m returning next Sunday.


Same dude! We need this livery

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Spirit might not exist. In a few months they’re being bought up by JetBlue.

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It’s going to take a couple years for the merger to go through even if it does. The government could still shut it down

Thats true sadly

I would truly love this livery in IF

Out of votes, but we need this :D

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Voted! Why don’t we have this in game already? Its crazy!

Bump! We need more yellow planes in Infinite Flight.

Bump! Cmon people! We need yellow planes


This could be a great addition to the Infinite Flight fleet!

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Bumping, cause people need to see this

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Got my vote. For those who do real routes with real Aircraft and current Liveries (Like me) Spirit Serves most of their routes with the A320 and the Old Livery is only in service on a few aircraft.

Bumping this! This livery definitely needs to be added

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Aren’t they removing this livery though?

They are?

Cough cough ᴶᵉᵗᴮˡᵘᵉ cough cough

Oh yeah

No I thought they started repainting the new ones without the yellow cracks in the text to lower costs somehow. might just be the neo idk

I need this to fly out of FLL