[2013 crash] Air Crash Investigation: Terror in San Fransisco [Asiana flight 214]

Asiana 214, a Boeing 777-200ER, crashed on July 6, 2013 at the San Fransisco International Airport, resulting in three fatalities (all three died at the scene). This Air Crash Investigation video depicts real eyewitness accounts. Viewer Discretion Advised

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The Crash happened July 6, 2013


Yeah, I went to KSFO later that summer and saw the burnt-out hulk…quite the crash. On a lighter note, anyone else see this video about the pilots? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FmFA7jDnk_w

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I saw that.

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Oh for a second I thought there was an actual crash lol

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While it is sad that anyone lost their lives, I think it is amazing at the investigators ability to piece everything together in such detail. This allows them to make training or mechanical changes in the future.


“We misidentified the pilots names”

Yeah sorry. I think you did a bit more than “misidentified” their names 😂😂



@Daniel_Cerritos all three were thrown out of the aircraft after impact. The one run over by the fire truck was already dead after impact so the fire truck had no effect on her. Autopsy confirmed this. So all three fatalities were due to being thrown out of the plane during impact. I hope this clarifies :)

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It was an actual crash…

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Yeah I know but I thought today there was a crash

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but there was

today?? why would there be an ACI episode hours after the crash, or a wikipedia article for that matter?

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