2011 Japan earthquake (RJAA) Narita In't Airport

Everyone remembers the 2011 Tokyo earthquake, but want to know how strong the quake was?

Earthquake at Narita International Airport

Earthquake as it started!

Magnitude: 9.0
Intensity: XI (Extreme)


Wait, it was 9.0, I thought it was 8.0 lol

Nope, it was initially thought of a 8.0 though

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we all know it was 9.0 They should have an event in 2017 (if global flight is released by then!) at RJAA to commemorate the anniversary of the quake.

Narita airport has a lot of special machinery and engineering built in to it which allows it to cope with earthquakes as well as supports which can be made taller to cope with the sinking effect going on there



Well the earthquake was very strong. How do I know? Because I was in Japan.

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