200ft Low Pass | Air Berlin

Two words: Luftwaffe pilot

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Yuck! Nasty! Horrid! Ok but for real that is a really scary go-around. Captain should know not to fly that low on a go-around. But hey, he was probably making a statement to the head people at Air Berlin in protest of their bankruptcy! lol jk

Omg that’s really low

Nothing really dangerous about this manoeuvre, the tower was briefed well before and permission was given. Assuming the plane was in Normal Law, the only danger here was someone’s drink in the cabin being spilt as the FBW would have kept the plane under control.

Another angle from the ramp, still don’t see how anyone was in danger here.

The FBW worked as advertised. You can’t expect computers to save you from a low-level, low-energy situation. It kept the wings level and stopped the plane from stalling all the way to the ground. If the sudden full nose-up command had been done in a 737, the plane could easily have stalled and crashed at a much worse angle if the pilot didn’t know what he was doing.


The passengers who didn’t know what was going on must already have bid goodbye to their loved ones lol

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Man, that is low! I can’t believe they pulled out of that turn with enough speed.

Looks a little fake to me

How low can you go? .

It’s not fake, I can assure you.


The pilots did it on purpose.
Der letzte air berlin-Langstreckenflug sagt "Good bye" in Düsseldorf. @BerndBitzer - YouTube Look at the title.
15 PM


Yeah it looked pretty purposeful since an air traffic controller was filming it. That wouldn’t just be a coincidence. Does anyone know if it had passengers onboard? Because you know, there was a factor of danger involved.


Lol yeah! This is actual footage from TS1


This is sort of suspicious. Imagine how scary it would’ve been for those passengers though! I hope the captain informed the passengers about the maneuver.

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I think it is fine if the pilot followed safety protocol’s and was planned from before. However, the passengers had a right to know before buying the ticket.

  1. The a330 was the AB
  2. The crash was the autopilots fault

I’m fully aware that the plane crashed because it had an onboard computer

I think it’s still very dangerous - first, there aren’t exactly many protocols on ‘how to fly a plane with its wing down a few feet above an airport’ and secondly, despite the weather conditions, there could easily have been a strong gust which could have caught the plane…

Let’s not go off topic - this thread isn’t about the Air France crash.

i didnt know that i thought he was executing a (very) late missed approach

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Really, I wonder how we land?

More seriously, there was nothing I could see that was particularly wrong with his slow fly past. It’s what we used to do years ago if you had an abnormal gear indication. Fly past the tower at a couple of hundred feet and get it checked.

I would be terrified of being in a jet where ANY pilot couldn’t pull off such a simple manoeuvre! Fly level, gear down at 200’ then gentle climbing left turn, raise the gear and clean up! Have none of you seen a proper run in and break?

As to the Airbus display aircraft it had nothing to do with the FBW system as I believe they were demonstrating Alpha floor protection (stall) hence had the nose high, what happened is when they tried to apply full power the engines don’t respond immediately. As they applied power too late then engines were still spooling up when the went into the trees.