200ft Low Pass | Air Berlin

Now I’m in awe with this. This is dangerous! There would be a puddle at my seat after this. This happened at Miami I believe. The plane is an A330-300.

Check it out for yourself.


That’s terrifyingly low!!!


What you witness when you hop on the training server for a quick short flight


It seems like AirBerlin pilots are showing off their skills just before they lose their jobs because of the company’s bankruptcy. I mean, they have nothing to lose now, do they?

On a more serious note, looks like the winds were gusting quite heavily and the pilot managed to keep the plane under control. Kudos to the pilot(s)!


Well, if your gonna go, you may as well do it in style!


Way too much semi-researched, mainstream false information here.

  1. This was not a normal Go-Around. It was arranged with ATC to symbolize DUS’ last A330 service / landing by airberlin and it was therefore no emergency situation.
  2. This happened at Düsseldorf Airport, Germany
  3. The aircraft is an Airbus A330-200

That manoeuvre still didn’t look too safe though…


Das ist über Düsseldorf mein Freund, so not at Miami


Just imagine what was going through those passengers minds while this was happening

They were probably told about this plan before.
Seriously, you don’t make a low pass go around just spontaneously and out of nowhere.
It’s just something the media make a big fuss about when it’s actually not spectacular at all. It is a symbolical gesture in aviation and that’s about it. I highly doubt an experienced, german A330 pilot fails to fly a simple go-around and he simply didn’t.


But still for a nervous flyer it’s still pretty terrifying

I seriously don’t believe this was an emergency situation. You can hear some smattering of applause when that wing dips. I think this was something prearranged.

It wasn‘t as already said, it was the last air berlin A332 flight and that manover was planned and not dangerous at all.

That looks like great fun from the inside. Shame the video was only 240p.


The pilot of this plane has some mad skills! That turn is something that I just couldn’t believe! I looked like we were at an a330 airshow! Great job to the pilot and the passengers for staying so calm! I know a few people that would scream if they were on this plane! One wrong more and the plane would be slammed into the ground.


Looks like me when I was trying to first figure out idle and flare by approaching at a VS of 200 lol

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Cause we all know what happens when planes full of passengers and crew do interesting fly overs.


This pilot ever heard of minimums? Jeez


Know what your talking about before posting. That flight was a fly by of an Airport that was too small for the A320, so it was not in the computers. It was made to show off the aircraft, there was never any intention of landing at that airport. Also, due to this, the pilots had no idea about the airport at all, and flew a visual approach. These things, combined with the failure of the fly-by-wire to respond, resulted in this crash.


I was talking about the A330 not the A320

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