2003iggy's ATC tracking thread - Time to prepare for the practical! [CLOSED]

This is my ATC tracking thread, I want to practice the practical element to be a potential IFATC member sometime later on, now I have passed my written test. I will post here when I open, it would be great if some of you guys could come along sometime and perhaps give feedback (preferably on the thread, for easier access). Thanks!


Currently open at EGKK until 1940Z

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I will join you in 2mn. Nasa 1

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Roger, will stay open for you

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I will be there! With Swiss002 also!

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CLOSED. Thanks to those who came along!

Thanks for opening today!!


•Nice job there. My advice is to try and clear for option or landing a bit sooner!! Nothing else to say…

You could have wait to give me an exit commamd before closing the facility.😉


Thanks for your feedback, it will be taken into account.

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Opening until 2040Z. Come by and do some patterns!

CLOSED. Thanks to @Superref1 for coming!

no problem it was great and you were quick to respond to my requests

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OPEN at EGKK. Pattern work allowed. Runway(s) in use 08R

Probably should not have opened while the footie is going on lol

CLOSED. Thanks to that one person who came, don’t know if they saw this.

Open @ EGKK until about 1715Z. Hope to see some of you there! Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Runways in use are 26L/26R
Pattern Work allowed

Thanks to all who came! Had a great turnout! Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have passed my IFATC written, time to prepare for the practical! I will be opening for at least one hour at the following time(s):
Tuesday 21st August, 1900Z (45 minutes)
Thursday 23rd August: 1800Z


Currently open at EGBB!
Winds 220 @ 6kts
Runway in use is 15
Pattern Work allowed.

Hope to see some of you there - feedback would be appreciated!

CLOSED! Thanks to all who came.

Open at YSSY for an hour! Am now part of the ATCEG, so feedback is wanted please. Come do some pattern work! Thanks!
Edit: Closed!