2003iggy ATC tracking thread [Closed - now IFATC]

Welcome to my new tracking thread!

I am planning to open in 10 minutes at EGCC while waiting for my recruiter to reply about my practical.

  • Pattern work allowed
  • Feedback appreciated. Thanks!
  • EGCC Metar: EGCC 111750Z AUTO 27007KT 9999 FEW036 16/10 Q1018 NOSIG

Note to all attending: I am experiencing connection issues

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Thanks to all those who came! Feedback is requested as always ;)
That was a great confidence booster for the practical :)

Great controlling today. Very quick clearances (which I always like!) great traffic management and did a great job to deal with troublemakers ;)

I have no negative comments

Keep it up!


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I plan to open tomorrow at EGCC at around 1600Z. Hope to see some of you there!

@Stef_Smet you absolutely buttered today, well done haha

Open at EGCC, come by and do some patterns!
Metar: EGCC 121550Z AUTO 30010KT 270V330 9999 FEW044 15/06 Q1024 NOSIG

Feedback would be great ;)


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Coming in as an Thomas Cook A321 good luck!

Callsign: Kestrel 755

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I lost connection and my internet was really bad, sorry for not attending.

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After a while, I am now IFATC! I would like to thank all those that helped me in my journey, especially @Brandon_Sandstrom (recruiter). This thread can now be closed please :)


Congratulations mate! Welcome aboard. :)

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