2000th flight

Gooooood morning everybody.

It was just a pure coincidence that I saw, I was pretty darn close to my 2000th IF flight.

1 flight away actually (currently performing 1999 KJFK - KLAX)

How many flights have you done?

And is there a routine for a special flight?
If not, I’d like to start one (somehow).

As of right now I’m collecting ideas of what my 2000th flight should be.

Group flight?
Military escort?
ATC to ATC (done that, what feels like, a million times)

Let me know what you come up with and I’d be happy to share my 2000th flight with a group flight (the more the merrier)

Lots of blue skies and tailwind



Replicate your first flight.

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I just flew in to SFO from MNL and now I have 1499hr 50min of flight time 😆

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Oh, i like that actually.

I would love to escort you! We could also have a tanker for aerial refueling.

United triple? How long is that flight? Like 13 hours or something?

12hr 15 minutes!

I remember when DLH used to fly EDDF - MNL with a stop in Bangkok.
747-200 if i remember correctly.

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