2000 --- The Chronicles of a Coincidence

2000 — An Amazing Coincidence

A few days ago, my friend @TMAC came back to me and asked me to fly with him for the first time in a good long while to celebrate his 1000th landing. While checking my stats at the gate for the flight, I realized something amazing - I was on my 998th landing. His 1000th landing would be my 999th landing!

The following chronicles what happened next.

PART ONE — His One-Thousandth

  • Route: RJTT - KORD
  • Aircraft: United Boeing 777-300ER
  • Time: 11 Hours and 15 Minutes
  • Departure Runway: 5
  • Landing Runway: 28C
  • Cruise Altitude: FL320

I’m in the United 777-300ER; TMAC is in the ANA 777-300ER; and that dude in the back…beats me.

Climbing over the Tokyo Bay, we see the amazing 3D Haneda Airport in all its glory.

11 hours later, and we have made it to Chicago with a sweet and familiar grease/butter.

Here comes TMAC with a tip-toe 1000th landing.

Welcome to O’Hare’s Terminal 5!

PART TWO — My One-Thousandth

  • Route: KHSV - MHTG
  • Aircraft: Infinite Flight 757-200
  • Time: 3 Hours and 5 Minutes
  • Departure Runway: 18R
  • Landing Runway: 02
  • Cruise Altitude: FL320

Time to fly…out of my home airport!

Huntsville - Alabama’s largest city population and area-wise - from across the river.

Three hours later, and it’s time to wave off international services at Tegucigalpa’s Toncontin International Airport in style - by using it for my 1000th landing!

Welcome to Toncontin, Honduras’ former international hub and home to one of the most thrilling approaches in the world! It’s sad to see it go, maybe it was for the better.

Thank you, TMAC. It’s been a blast for the last two years! Thank you for making my coincidental 1000th landing an amazing experience!

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Finally, I must say - Have yourself a great holiday!


Great pictures there! Congrats on your 1000th landing!!🥳

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Yes it was a very fun two flights. Along with a great two years, despite my drunken pilot moment at Toncotin.


Really cool pictures! Congratulations on your 1000th landing!


Congrats to both of you for 1,000 landings, here’s to many more! 🥂

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