2000 NM Flight

This is a hobby. 🙃

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Just don’t spend 7 hours on a cross Atlantic flight

Oh btw im coming in my F-16C.

So if I fly for 30 minutes 4 times a day would that be okay with you? What about 8x15 minutes? Going forward I’ll make sure I’ll submit my flight plans for your approval. Everyone else should do the same.

I’m just kidding by the way - please don’t get mad at me :-)


I completely agree.

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Ok Ok lets keep it civilized.

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Can’t wait to see how much XP you get haha.

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Whats your position?

Near Hilo.

Keep going. Don’t give up ;)

Not really. I did not stay all time looking at my plane I also left my IPad to eat dinner while it was flying

Oh nice… got some onboard service? What were today choices? Chicken or beef? :-D


In the Hawaii region you can probably trust the fish.


I’m going to finish at PHNL when we pass around.

Ok. Just gotta make other circle and follow my fpl and my flight is done!


Had to leave but hope you have fun with the rest of you flight man 🙂👍

Thanks dude!

Im coming callsign: OG123 :)

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just tracked you… 3 hours and 30 minutes. Impressive. I might join you :)

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