2000 Knots in solo!?

Hi everyone
Recently, I had an idea to see how fast an A319 could nosedive, and I hit 2000 knots!? Is this a bug?

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Isn’t it like that in real life 😂😂


2000 knots is more than 2 times the speed of sound. It would break an airplane apart.
And please, in the game.


I know, I was joking.
Sorry it’s probably a bug yeah but who would go nosediving anyway?

Note that I did it from 10000 feet. Even a fighter can’t go that fast in a dive!

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Last minute edit :D

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lol diva much… well they can’t simulate a plane breaking up because this simulator isn’t designed for that. Its not a bug you are just abusing the physics of the game.


Back to General then?

Yes. #support is the wrong category for this. I don’t think it’s a bug.

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Wait, you don’t understand.
I’ve seen people try to max out the speed of an A319, and they could not go past 600 knots.

The thing is we don’t have code to make the aircraft break apart like it would if such extreme conditions were attempted so it will basically just keep flying. All of the aircraft can over speed. Not really a bug. :)


Can everyone LISTEN! ?
I meant how is an A319 supposed to go past 2000 knots!?

Bugs was merged with support
But it’s changed

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It’s not supposed to be able to do that. But like I said, the code to prevent it doesn’t exist. It’s really not a big deal.


As stated by Thomas Oerling, you’re abusing the physics.


Ok, I was just confused.
Hang on, does that mean I could glitch the game to make an A380 go past 10000000000000 KNOTS? :D

the game isn’t designed for nose diving its meant to be realistic hence why I have heard matt say this is why he doesn’t want to add failures you are supposed to keep the plane within relatively normal flight parameters.

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No you can’t go high enough to make such a dive

Have you seen your airplane load? Maybe your airplane load is 0%, so you can flying to fast.

You’re going round in circles. As David has clearly stated, NO it is not possible for an A319 or any aircraft for that matter to travel 2000KTS, the simulator does not have the code to simulate destruction of the aircraft or the effect speed has on the plane, hence why you are able to continue ‘speeding’.