20 seconds

This topic was already raised earlier in 2022, but for some reason it was not included in the updates. I ask you to return the flight return to more than 20 seconds in single flight mode. Because sometimes the last 20 seconds of the flight are not enough to correct your mistakes, and you have to start the flight from the very beginning. I hope the developers see the message and return this feature.

If you’re talking about the rewind feature in solo mode you can tap more than once and it will rewind as times as you click * 20s. If that’s not the issue then I don’t understand your request.

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It’s always been “20 seconds” - however you could do it repeatedly - going back a further 20 seconds each time.

Now it only works once - I’m currently combing through the forum archives trying to find where it was brought up.

Edit: Finally found it - here’s Laura’s statement on it from November 2022:
(I was being a bit dumb and looking in the wrong category 😂)

Given there’s been no change suggests there isn’t a widespread need for them to change the current system and/or they haven’t found a way to get it to work with the new system.

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