20 second ago bug

**Device : ipad mini 6
**Operating system : ios 15.3

When you press the 20s ago rewind feature it rewinds 20 seconds but when you press it a second time it will not rewind any more , it just started with this update 22.7 .



Thanks for the report, we changed the way the 20s back button works to be more in line with the way we do things in the code. The old system had many side effects that are going to get worse over time as we grow, so we’ve switched to a one time 20s button.

We may make some changes to the system to enable further than 20s back in the future though but it requires a bit more optimizations that we’re working on.



Thanks for the reply , it was a good tool to practice landings without going around .👍


We’re deploying the 22.7.1 Hotfix on Android today that will fix this issue. It’s been sent for review on iOS which means it should come within the next couple of days.

Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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