[20 Minutes!] Qatar to London @ OTHH 181645ZAUG19

Qatar to London

Server: Expert
Route: OTHH - EGKK
Aircraft & Livery: Qatar 787-8
Time: 2019-08-18T16:45:00Z

Flight time: Approximately 6 hours 55 minutes


Spawn in at 2019-08-18T16:35:00Z at the C terminal in a Qatar 787-8

Follow all ATC directions

Follow all RVSM rules

Copy my Flight Plan (Qatar 5765), to fly from Doha to London Gatwick (OTHH - EGKK)

Pushback at 2019-08-18T16:45:00Z

Who's Coming





So is the route you’re flying Doha to Delhi or Doha to London?

Sorry about that, fixed.


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Should be able to join… Can you put me on standby since I’m not 100% sure?

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Yeah, I can do that!

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im coming thai sounds great

i meant this not thai

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Hmm, can you also put me on stand-by? @Mr-plane-guy1

Is there anyway this could be pushed an hour later? Of course this is your event, I’m just asking.

One way or another, I’ll see if I can come!

Sure, @anon24319801 you are now on stand-by.

Unfortunately I cannot push this back, you can always takeoff a little late!

@Adam_Goodman you are now on the list.

Can we do it in training server please? If you do I can for sure attend!

Unfortunately we are doing on Expert for ATC and professionalism, I do not doubt your skills but It will be kept on Expert.

Ok. It’s fine.

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This looks like a more #live:groupflights type thing

Thank you to everyone who has signed up! See you tomorrow.

Sorry, can’t make it. It’s too early, and the flight is too short.

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You can still attend!

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