20 Landings @ SFO - Runway 28L/R and 19L

Back with another 20 landings at San Francisco, recorded from real-life spotting locations!

Flight and aircraft information are provided for each landing. I recommend that you watch in 1080p60.

  • Airport: San Francisco International Airport (SFO/KSFO)
  • Time: Morning to Sunset
  • Mode: Solo
  • Aircraft: Various, ranging from the 747 and 757, to the E175 and A380

That Japan Airlines 787-9, the Delta 737-900ER and the Air New Zealand 777-300ER all reminded me of that one Air France meme with the bird lol.

Great vid! You’ve earned another sub(2 or 3 if I remember to sub on my other accts.)! I would love it if you gave me some advice on mimicking “planespotting” within IF! Also, congrats on hitting 300 subs! (I am honored to be your 300th sub!)

Also, in case you didn’t know, for the realism, Alaska stopped operating Airbus aircraft in '21 I think. Otherwise, awesome comp!

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Hi, thanks for subscribing!

I haven’t seen the meme but I absolutely get it with the flappy wings in Infinite Flight under higher turbulence settings 🤣

The key to planespotting videos is to find some good vantage points where you can perform screen recording - it would be nicer if the vantage points are the same as in real-life though it is not strictly necessary. Also, flight details such as aircraft type, airline, weather and time matters as well - you can access these data on Flightradar24. Speaking of which, I was aware that Alaska became all-Boeing again a few years back, but I decided to feature their A320 one last time. Because there were no more Alaska A320 flights, I had to search online for past flights to SFO that used the A320, and AS238 from Las Vegas was one such flight.

I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

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What an amazing landing from that alaska a320, great vid!

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Thank you!

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You may watch Part 1 of the SFO landing series here: youtube.com/watch?v=INb4T1W25Wo

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