20 Iconic Planes: How Many Have You Flown In?

How many of these awesome planes have you flown in?

I think I’ve only been on 6 out of the 20.

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…been in 8… Nice idea 😀

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13/20. The newest one ive been in was the C300 and A350

I have been on 9 planes.

I’ve been on 2… XD


2 😕 the 737 and crj

CNN needs to stop with this aviation stuff… Work on reporting incidents well, then maybe try learning about aviation facts. Their priorities are backwards as always.

737, A320, CRJ

Been in 15 of them. Wow

I made it to 5

I’ve only been in 5. Unfortunately, I don’t get to fly a lot and I haven’t flown in years. Still love aviation though. If I could, I would literally fly to places for fun then just come back haha.

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Ive been on the 737, A320 and E-jet whatever.

Only 2 the a320 & 737😞



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A lot of those are unreachable to a lot of people like the Soviet planes

14-20. How are we supposed to fly on a cargo aircraft?

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Illyushin Il-76 can be outfitted as pax aircraft, the Il-76TD, An-72/74s are used in commercial aircraft in Iran, there was a trip report on one recently in a net

I’ve been on 13.

What about the An-225?

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Only one complete one exists solely for cargo. If CNN listed it, keep in mind this is CNN so take everything with a grain of salt

Note: there is a second, partially frame


3 of the 20