20 hour non-stop flight from SBSP-VHXX!

Just completed a non-stop 19 hour 25 minute flight from Sao Paulo’s Congonhas Airport to Hong Kong’s Kai Tak! Aircraft was an Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR, took off with maximum fuel, landed with 19,300 kgs remaining. Don’t know if this is a record, but was a pretty darn long flight!


Some people did over 24 in the old version :P
Now with fuel consumption and whatnot I’d like to see how these ULHs expand over time.


Oh god I am so triggered because you flew out of congonhas on a 777. You know that it doesn’t physically have space for more than an A321 in real life, don’t you? Well, now you know I guess.

I knew that. I wanted to see if Congonhas’s runway was long enough for a 77L at MTOW! The answer? Yes it is, but barely!

I’m going to attempt JNB-HNL nonstop next week, which should be close to 24 hours. We’ll see how that goes.

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