[20 Attending] Let's make a Huge Fly-Out for Gabe_Z's B-Day Present @ KMSP - 181600ZMAY19 [Sponsered by Plane & Pilot] [Partnered with Delta Virtual]


I’ll take a gate to KMSN, please. DLVA428 in the B739.


I’ll take a Delta B739 to KATL :)


@MrMrMan and @Brad_Hoffman, you are both signed up, thanks for coming.


Fantastic! Looking forward to this. :)


Also, there is a huge event 3 hours away and the flight is 2 hours away which is a great day to fly.


I think that is why so many people (including me) are flying down to KATL…


@Gabe_Z is it okay for me to switch my gate to H11, Southwest 737-700 to KATL? If that doesn’t work then you can leave it as is…


You are switched.


Thank you so much 😊


Hi. I’m gonna have to let you know if I’ll be able to attend still(darn school event keeps changing times)


The event is a month away and still lots of gate to sign up!


I’ll take F5 to ATL in a 739 if it’s still open. Thanks! Looking forward to it! DLVA4254


You are signed up, thanks for coming.


Currently 4 Saturdays away from the event! Sign up for the event!


@Gabe_Z can you move @Aviation-21 to B gates, since all of the CRJ 200’s at MSP park up at the A or B gates. I’m only requesting this for realism purposes, thanks!


Can I have any gates to KATL,Delta A321


Is @Aviation-21 okay with this?


You are signed up. Thanks for coming.


Of course. I don’t care. You can move me if it’s more realistic.


Why am I still at the F-Gate?