[20 Attending] Let's make a Huge Fly-Out for Gabe_Z's B-Day Present @ KMSP - 181600ZMAY19 [Sponsered by Plane & Pilot] [Partnered with Delta Virtual]


Can you add H12? I’ll take that gate in a Southwest 737-800 to Atlanta


Did you fly out of that gate in real life on that route?

The only reason I ask is because a few weeks ago I flew with Southwest from MSP-ATL out of H12 and thought about asking Gabe to add the gate so I could fly that route for the event.


Hey there, there are actually more than 10 gates each concourse except D. I am only adding them on request.


@United_1154 and @JeromeJ You are both signed up, thanks.


Can I have any gate Delta CRJ200 to KGFK please?


You are signed up, thanks for coming.


Can I get a Delta gate to Atlanta please


Hey, aircraft type please?


I’m going to use the B739


You are signed up, thanks for coming.


Can I get a gate to Atlanta with the Delta 738? Thanks!

I’ll be able to make both events this way


I am happy to announce that this event is now partnered with Delta Virtual. Thank you for those who are coming to this event.


I’ll take F8 to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne on either an A321 or 739. Callsign DLVA1480


Can I get any gate for either a 738 or 739 to KSEA?


@AviationGaming F8 is used, do you want use F7?

@Aviation_Alex Which Livery are you using?


Yeah I’ll use F7.


I don’t have my phone so I can’t check IF for Size Restriction. Will add later when availableir you can check it out,


It will be Alaska Airlines


@Aviation_Alex and @AviationGaming, you are both signed up thanks!

We have reached 12 attendees! Let get them more!


Nice work, @Gabe_Z! See you in MSP on the 18th of May! :)