(20 attending!!)Hawaiian Dream @ PHOG-201600ZJUL19 (ONLY GA GATES LEFT)

Hello Everyone!!

For my third event we are going to the island of Maui in Hawaii for what should be a spectacular event.
There are so many routes to choose from. You choose from inter island flights to flights to the west coast of America. So without further a do this event is held at Kahului Airport!!!


Server: Expert

Airport: PHOG

Time: 1600Z2019-07-20T16:00:00Z

Commercial Gates

1 Alaska 737-800 KSAN: @Sashaz55
3 Alaska 737-800 KSFO: @Captain_Elias
7 Southwest 737-800 KSJC: @GlobalFlyer1
9 Southwest 737-800 KOAK: @Plane-Train-TV
11 Westjet 737-800 CYVR: @ILOVE7879
13 Hawaiian 717 PHLI: @Boris_Huang
15 Southwest 737-800 PHNL: @JeromeJ
17 Hawaiian 717 PHNL: @Suhas_Jatla
19 Hawaiian 717 PHNL: @joshuaabcd
21 Hawaiian 717 PHLI: @Aviation-21
23 American A321 KLAX: @Jack_Q
25 United 777-200 KORD: @langer00am
27 United 757 KSFO: @Altaria55
29 Air Canada 787 CYVR: @Mike_Lima_Tango
31 American 777-200 KDFW : @A350iscool
33 American A321 KPHX: @TheFlyingGuy1
35 Delta 757 KLAX: @Fusion737Max
39 Delta 737-900 KSEA: @DEN_Airport


GA 1 @Plnelovr Citation X KSBA
GA 2
GA 3
GA 4
GA 5
GA6: @baseball_inferno 737-700BBJ KIAD
GA 7 @AirFrance005 737-700BBJ CYYC
GA 8
GA 9
GA 10

Kahului Airport is located in Maui


NOTAM: Please use Unicom respectfully
please watch out for others


I’ll take the Southwest gate to OAK

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Thanks for coming!!

I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose! Thanks and see you there!


Hawaiian 717 to Phli please!

gate 27 please

I’ll take 29 to Vancouver!

@GlobalFlyer1 @Mike_Lima_Tango @langer00am @Aviation-21
I’ve put you all down thanks for coming!!!


I’ll take gate 33.

Alrighty thanks for coming!!

Put me down For Westjet to Vancouver

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I’m flying into this airport on June 6th in real life.

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can i switch to 25, sorry for the inconveinience

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I’ll take United 777 to KORD

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Sorry @A350iscool but @langer00am requested this first. Any other gate that you would like?

I’ll take a GA gate in a 737-700BBJ to KIAD

Alrighty I put you down thanks for coming!!!

I’ll take gate 31 then

@DEN_Airport I am not entirely sure if I can come. I thought the event is in June not July. The 20th of July is my brother’s birthday but I hope I can still make it. I’ll let you know if I can’t come.

I’ll take gate 13

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