[20 Attending, 18 gates remaining] Air India Virtual Presents: "Diwali Fly-out!" @ VIDP 281500ZOCT19

Diwali Flyout By Air India Virtual

On the 28th of October Air India Virtual is going to host a fly out from Delhi to the rest of the world, on the occasion of the Festival of Lights - Diwali . The flyout will have routes operated by Air India to various destinations in India , Other Asian countries , Europe, America and Australia.

Information about Diwali

Diwali is known as the “festival of lights”, is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair . The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over a five day period, but the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindi Hindu lunisolar month Karthik. In the Gregorian calendar, Diwali night falls between mid-October and mid-November.

Event info

Date and Time: 2019-10-28T15:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server



Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi) has a bunch of destinations all across the globe. Due to our special Diwali event we can not fly all across the globe at once and we at Air India have taken special care and brought out for you pilots some of the best domestic and international routes to fly during this very special event.

Please leave the route you would like to fly down in the thread and we would be happy to assign you pilots with a gate.

If you wish to fly a route of your choice please be sure to pick an Air India flight only.

Please make sure that all the pilots are present at the gate at least 15-20 mins prior departure.

Pushback is not allowed at the same time during the event, please pushback only one after another.

Please follow IFATC instructions if present to avoid unnecessary ghosting. In case of absence of IFATC please ensure proper use of UNICOM.

This event is a very special event for all of us at Air India virtual and we would really appreciate it if all you pilots would take the time to join us during this festival of lights and make this a special one but most importantly make sure you enjoy this event!

Origin Destination Aircraft Gate User
Delhi Ahmedabad A321-200 T3 Gate C27
Delhi Amritsar B787-8 T3 Gate C28 @samuel_48
Delhi Bangkok B787-8 T3 Gate A14
Delhi Bengaluru A321-200 T3 Gate C30
Delhi Bhubneshwar A321-200 T3 Gate C29
Delhi Chandigarh A321-200 T3 Gate C31
Delhi Chennai A321-200 T3 Gate C33 @TransportForLife
Delhi Chicago B777-200LR T3 Gate A12 @Soham_Sarkar
Delhi Cochin A321-200 T3 Gate C32 @AKSHAY_2777
Delhi Copenhagen B787-8 T3 Gate A11 @Rohan625
Delhi Colombo A321-200 T3 Gate D45 @BP-Aviation
Delhi Dhaka A321-200 T3 Gate D46
Delhi Doha A321-200 T3 Gate A8
Delhi Dubai B787-8 T3 Gate A7 @Dannyboy08
Delhi Frankfurt B787-8 T3 Gate A3 @Prashant_Divedi
Delhi Goa A321-200 T3 Gate D43
Delhi Hyderabad A321-200 T3 Gate C34 @Zuhair.Mazhar
Delhi Jammu A321-200 T3 Gate D37
Delhi Kabul A321-200 T3 Gate D47
Delhi Kathmandu A321-200 T3 Gate D48
Delhi Kolkata B787-8 T3 Gate D39
Delhi London B787-8 T3 Gate B17 @Kintul_Shah
Delhi Madrid B787-8 T3 Gate B19 @Jaimexerez2000
Delhi Male A321-200 T3 Gate D49
Delhi Melbourne B787-800 T3 Gate B18 @DhruvChopra
Delhi Milan B787-8 T3 Gate B20
Delhi Mumbai B777-200LR T3 Gate C36 @Arish_Mehta
Delhi Oman A321-200 T3 Gate B24
Delhi Paris B787-8 T3 Gate B26 @Manav_Suri
Delhi San Francisco B777-200LR T3 Gate A01 @Krsh7
Delhi Seoul B787-8 T3 Gate R01
Delhi Singapore B787-8 T3 Gate A9 @Mateomaxt
Delhi Stockholm B787-8 T3 Gate RO2 @Captain_JR
Delhi Sydney B787-8 T3 Gate R03 @snoman
Delhi Tel Aviv B787-8 T3 Gate B21
Delhi Tokyo B787-8 T3 Gate A10 @Siddhant
Delhi Trivandrum A321-200 T3 Gate D41 @Alan_S



Vidp to Ksfo T3 gate A01 please sign me up

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I’d like to have this gate, thank you :)

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@Krsh7 and @Captain_JR signed you guys up , looking forward to see you !


T3 Gate B17 for me Please…AIVA022

Requesting T3 Gate C32 to Cochin

Could I take this gate please? Thanks!

I will take the gate to Mumbai

@Kintul_Shah , @DhruvChopra , @snoman and @AKSHAY_2777 signed you guys up, hoping to see you guys at the event!

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Happy Diwali to all!


I’ll take this.

My calsign will be norworld2008 to omdb

@Dannyboy08 and @Prashant_Divedi Gates have been assigned for you guys! Hoping to see you at the event

Happy Diwali AIVA!!! Have a blast and hope you have a good time . Beware of those fire crackers and rockets in the sky! :-)


Thank you! Super excited!


Sign me up delhi to tokyo T3GateA10

I’ll take this!

@Manav_Suri and @Soham_Sarkar gates have been signed up , looking forward to see you guys at the event !

I will take this one, sign me up

Aw, so nice AIVA is doing this! Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating (I’m Hindu too lol)! 😍 🥳