20:30 hour long flight in the 772-ER! (longest flight ever?)

I just landed from a 20:30 hour long flight from RJTT (Tokyo Haneda) to SBGR (São Paulo / Guarulhos) in the 777-200 ER.
My aircraft payload was 228 passengers (17,505 kgs) + 10,564 kg cargo + 139,476 kgs of fuel (full tanks), which brought me about 9 tons over MTOW, at 306,580kgs. I landed with only 3,063kgs of fuel, so i was very close to diverting.
Has anyone done a longer non-stop flight on the 772ER? I’d love to know! :)


Here you go!


I’m aiming for a 48 hours flight, what plane do you think can do this?

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This man definitely beat you. Don’t worry though, 20 hours is still an incredible achievement. Maybe some day you can make 30 hours! Congratulations!


I saw you while I was on LiveFlight :)

Nice flight mate! @JTPJTP

Should I say welcome back @PilotChrisSG? 🤔


@Pilot_Felix the A350 or 777-200ER can.

For a flight over 48 hours I’d recommend the a350.

Nice accomplishment! However it doesn’t compare to those Kuwaitis 😂 they are hard to beat.

And I could be wrong but I am pretty sure @AnomalyWaffle has done 27 hours in the 772 👀

748 with nothing but fuel and 3 engines?

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Uses way too much fuel.

Ok it just holds the most out of all the aircraft in IF
(Says about 24hrs but I don’t think that’s possible)

Congrats on 20 hours nonstop :D, but it’s gonna take a bit to beat my nonstop person best (66 hours)

Meanwhile my record is 8 and a half hours.

Good job dear if you make 0 passengers and 0 cargo the 772 ER give you over 40 hours .
And my records with non stop over 60 hours .
I wish you the best .

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This is my most recent attempt. Pushing the limits 👀

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you shoulda step climbed for better fuel flow

I didn’t feel like checking up every four hours to change my altitude. 32hrs is very respectable for only being at 28,000ft the entire time too.

It is very respectable

Uh, how did you takeoff above MTOW 🤔?

  1. I don’t believe he was at MTOW because his payload was only 2%
  2. You can takeoff at MTOW, just not in real life, and you need a really long runway if you do it in a sim