20.3 Trailer

Hello đź‘‹ IFC,
Hope you’re having a very Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate it) and I hope you got what you wanted!

I made this trailer about the Infinite flight’s newest version.I.e., 20.3

I hope you like it!

Note: this is NOT the official Trailer



But seriously, I kinda like it. If you want some more cinematic recordings, try to avoid scenes where we can see your movements with your hand.


Ok! Feedback noted! Thanks

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“Like it”??

LOVE it!!!

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Thank you very much! I really appreciate that!

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the camera movements made by u wasnt that smooth so that was the only slight problem but
otherwise ur legally skilled lmao

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Thank you! Feedback noted!

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You have to use the free cam and the drone cams to make the movement smooth. The normal and locked view cams aren’t made for cinematic shots

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Got it! Thanks!

20.3 and new B757 , oh interesting ! Kinda futuristic but yeah, nice video anyway ^^
Isn’t supposed to be 21.3 ?!!

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Haha, Thank you!

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