20.3 Release

As we all know, (probably not all) The New Rework aircraft is going to be the B757 Rework. When do you think this rework will finish? What liveries do you guys think could be added?


We never know. The devs never have a timeline so that they produce the best update as possible. We just have to be patient


As the update is called 20.3 it will come out in 2020, probably towards mid-late December, like last year.

The livery have already been chosen, I would love to see Jet2 and United Art livery though!


Its true, we dont know. what new liveries do you think that could be added?

That is also a surprise. Anything I say will be speculation. We have to wait for a confirmed post from the devs

Just keep an eye on #blog and #announcements for more information. There is no date or feature list that has been communicated yet. Any sort of tracking threads will be opened by staff when there is more to say.

Same, but the devs work hard. we just have to wait and be patient of when they might confirm it.

Thanks so much!