20.3 Release Date?

With the B752 going to be reworked that is big news! (Personally I’m the person who would like the A330) Well, anyways who would like to start guessing the release date?

My guess is that it will come out either in late, late December, or early January 1 - 15.

Please take me seriously!


Devs dont give release dates. The update will come when it comes. We just got 20.2 just hang in there for now and time will tell :)

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nope we only no the rework has started

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Anything before December 31st.


I have a feeling it may not be out until early next year, especially considering we only just got 20.2 as well as Christmas and the New Year, development may be set back. It will come when it does! For now, we can just keep guessing!

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I guess it could theoretically end up becoming 21.1 🤷🏽‍♂️


20.3 + 20.3 = 40.6

40.6 - 20.3 = 20.3

In simpler terms anywhere from tomorrow until the end of the year!