20.3 Hotfix Now Available

The passengers were fully aware I’d downloaded the hotfix after I’d begun my descent into windy Seattle haha!

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It should be there. Are you on Apple or Android?

Yeah, iPhone

Search up Infinite Flight and see if it works. It could’ve already updated for you

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Oh, yeah my phone was hiding it for some reason. Thanks!

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Can you help me with an error please?

You can use the search feature at the top right if your having issues, if you can’t find the solition, go ahead and create a #support topic!

It was cool to be shaked a bit again! Thanks for the fix!

There’s isn’t always Turbulence

Infinite Flight Team
I want to tell you that I have been a user for several years of this great teamwork to achieve this great “Infinite Flight Flight Simulator,” and it has attracted a lot of attention in the painting of the planes. especially from my country Bolivia and from Paraguay Chile or Venezuela and I want to ask you not to forget to put our airlines that made history in our countries there are also many users that we would like to feel part of the team and see paintings that represent us the forgotten countries for infinite Flight and well with all the respect and admiration that I have for the great achievements that infinite Flight has come to have I wish you the best and many greetings and we hope you read my to hope for the best
Greetings and blessings Infinite Flight Team!

Hey! It would be cool to have some of those liveries. For future requests and things that may be on your personal “want” list, you can browse through the wonderful #features category to see if there is an available request by searching for it. If there isn’t you may create one. The forum is a great place to suggest and request for things to be added. The Infinite Flight team takes some requests into consideration if it aligns with what they can do and the direction of where the company is going. The team does keep in mind to touch on diversity with livery additions so having a livery from these countries would definitely be something likely to be considered in the future assuming the specific ones in mind are ones we haven’t really seen. If you have any further questions please feel free to continue with me in a PM. Cheers and enjoy!

The wing is flexing all the time, that’s what I mean

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I’m experiencing server connection issues two hours into my flight. I experienced it before the hot fix but it still persists after. Is there any other solution?

Please make a #support topic on this

Why isnt there fog at night?

Its about where I can’t buy infinite flight simulator because it keeps saying error.

nice now there’s gonna be turbulence again
unlike real life where wind and turbulence are different

Please make a separate #support topic about this issue.

@Felipe_Grajera1 same to you

Is this an automatic update as I’ve checked several times and it’s not giving me the option to update?

No wing flex on the A319 in my replay, I’ll check other ones later but I think there’s an issue.