20.3 Hotfix Now Available

We’ve fixed a potential cause for this but had no way of reproducing the issue in house. Let me know if you see it again after downloading the hotfix


Will do! I did have another one in a Super long haul around 2 days ago unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to get the 400mb replay file to u so I’m sorry I couldn’t be any help 😅

The way to reproduce I’m pretty sure the bug / glitch starts to happen at around 30-32 hrs flight time.

Yeah, this is hard for us to debug I’m afraid. Let me know how you get on


Will do! Thanks for the amazing efforts I will report any repeats of the bug after downloading the hot fix 👍🏼

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Finally we can see the wingflex again!

FINALLY! I was dying for this to be fixed!

I had to turn on the seatbelt sign for the first time in weeks! Yes!


If you are using Chinese Apple Store, please head into the topic below. We introduced two ways to update Infinite Flight


Perfect! Can’t wait for the next update!

Thanks ! Does it also include the fix for blurry cockpit?

Thank you! The visibility thing was a big problem!

You can fix that by making sure graphics are on high

Thank you very much. 🥂

Talking about an actual bug identified. Even with all graphics high, flaps limitation speeds and other cockpit inscriptions can’t be read anymore.

I have three things

  1. When are you guys going to add the Pratt & Whitney PW2037 engines to the 757 and C-17 globemaster
  2. Can you also add realistic sounds to the C-130H/ AC-130 and a separate sound for the C-130J/J-30
  3. Can you add the new fat lbert livery to C-130J and also new liveries for all C-130 including the Minnesota ANG with black nose and can you guys also add JATO/ Jet Assisted Takeoff to the fat albert C-130H Hercules it would make the game more fun also when jato happens it has flames and smoke. I hope you guys take this into consideration.

Woooo hooo finally it is here!
I will test it out tonight crossing the Atlantic tonight😎
Thank you so much 😁👏👏👏

what exactly was wrong with turbulence before?

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Not sure for the B757 but for the C-17, it would need a rework for the new engine sounds to come.

You can vote for that here

In order for the new engine sound on the C-130, it needs a rework.

For these things to come, it needs a rework. Please vote here.

I don’t think flames and smoke will be coming to Infinite Flight, sorry


Excellent - was weird that the poor visibility at Gatwick followed me all the way to the Maldives!