20.3 Hotfix Now Available

Cool, cannot wait to shake my dear passengers again!

My FedEx wings are finally wobbling in 40kts winds

Ahh wobbling… I like that ;)

Hi @Cameron

First of all thank you for this (20.3) update, BUT;

If there is turbulence and wind variability and the oscillation caused by the aircraft,
Where is the “YAW DAMPER” Feature …?

I tried this on different planes and different routes and at different altitudes.
And every time the plane shakes unreasonably, too much …

It is absolutely necessary to bring Y / D (Yaw Damper) feature.

I would appreciate it if you consider it 👍
Good work…

Yaw Damper (info link)

Airbus Family

Boeing Family
images (1)

Roll Mode (general)

😍😍😍 that is like a late Xmas gift1

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We don’t have this in game currently.

For now, you can vote here for it to be added

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Turbulence is nice :)

I voted 👍

One question, why we do have turbulence always in the skies? I think in real life the plane is not shaking all the time, maybe you can fly through a turbulence area but not all the flight. Is this going to be fixed/improved in the future?

I haven’t gotten the hotfix yet

The passengers were fully aware I’d downloaded the hotfix after I’d begun my descent into windy Seattle haha!

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It should be there. Are you on Apple or Android?

Yeah, iPhone

Search up Infinite Flight and see if it works. It could’ve already updated for you

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Oh, yeah my phone was hiding it for some reason. Thanks!

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Can you help me with an error please?

You can use the search feature at the top right if your having issues, if you can’t find the solition, go ahead and create a #support topic!

It was cool to be shaked a bit again! Thanks for the fix!

There’s isn’t always Turbulence

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