20.3 Hotfix - iOS ATC App Crashes

We are aware that some people are experiencing issues with the ATC voice cutting out. We’re doing all we can from our end to mitigate this; right now, Apple have confirmed issues with their TTS framework that we use for ATC messages, and we are waiting for them to fix these.

One suggestion to help with this in the meantime is to set the Pilot Voice and Default Voice in Live settings to Alex (en-US).

If this option isn’t showing in Infinite Flight, it first need to be downloaded:

  • Go to iOS Settings
  • Accessibility → Spoken Content → Voices → English
  • Select Alex and wait for the download to end
  • Restart Infinite Flight, go to Settings → Live
  • Set Pilot Voice and Default Voice to Alex

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound as good as some of the other voice options, but it is a recommended workaround for the time being.

As mentioned in this thread, the 20.03.03 hotfix only aimed to stop the crashes for most users, and we’re working now on solving other problems this text-to-speech engine change has caused.
Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work through this.