20.3 Hotfix - iOS ATC App Crashes

just moments ago, the app crash and was unable to contact any other frecuency even i tap just blink and leave me there with no choices, my plan was to land in madrid and to avoid report i divereted to valladolid,

yup. still having issues

Why is my Apple Store not offering the latest version 20.03.03… Can’t fix my freeze.

By me the problem is, that I can’t hear the ATC commands and often I react a bit late. I suppose this is also related to the Hotfix…

I’m still experiencing problems despite the hot fix. I have ATC as Alex and still problems with sound and ATC. API service is showing a warning sign. Aircraft are saying unknown and no taxiway lines!

Looking forward to go back to how we were!

V’r Tarik

I am still experiencing this issue; however, it only seems to occurs when I am on Unicom with someone who appears to have skipped the fix.

Hi guys,

Just been controlling ATC at EGLL and still having issues with the sound no voice comms to or from pilots when issuing commands.

I know you guys are working to fix it just letting you know it’s still an issue after the hot fix.



Hi, there is an ongoing issue that staff are working to fix at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience!

mine stills the same haha, but ill wait

Im just experiencing very delayed audio when i say something. It will show up in words instantly, but it will read it like a minute or two later.

Whenever I’m on Unicom I always get a flickering screen when I try to tune out of it. I couldnt contact approach and didnt send the contact message when they contacted me. I could still even hear other Unicom messages from my departure airport many miles away. This feels like a different bug

Hey everyone, thank you for your patience. We’ve made progress with some more fixes (including being unable to change frequency and disappearing voices) and we’re currently waiting for Apple to review a new hotfix. We’ll let you know when we have more information


I still have the problem after the last update. Also Apple has just launch today iOS 14.4 and I still have the same problem.

I recommend people read the support and see if anyone has the same problems before posting.
Have a little patience. The team knows about these problems and are working to resolve them.

Stay safe ;)

Problem persists after hot fix: not possible to hear communications with ATC / Unicom. We are confident it will be fixed soon. Thanks for your work.

Thank you Cameron

Hey everyone, we have release a new hotfix today which fixes more issues people have reported. Please continue in this thread:

Thank you for your patience while we looked into these issues