20.2 Weather Radar

In traiiler of Beta 20.2 i saw Weather Radar… Where i can find it or activate it?

I’m not quite sure what you are referring to?
Could you share an image of it?

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There will be no weather radar in 20.2, I’m afraid you misidentified it for something else :(

If you want to test the new features that are coming, you have to be in the beta if you are not already.

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No no let’me find it.


this what i mean.

Wind/weather map.

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Could you link to where this is please?

I know where this is from, not the 20.2 tralier
This video was pure speculation :)

Aviation6 Videos.

Timecode 0:55

That’s not an official source :^)


His videos are pure speculation, as I said. No weather maps this update

That video is entirely speculation as far as I can tell. It will not be coming.

This video is speculation. That picture was created using graphics, and hasn’t been confirmed by Infinite Flight as of now.

I don’t think about “photoshopped”

What exactly do you mean?

I would not use this yt channel for update information if I were you.

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I think it’s not maded screeshot… there is no graphics…

Guys, seriously, don’t believe Aviation6. He just spits out random stuff without any source or proof.

That picture is a Dev feature, and was posted on Laura’s Instagram quite a while ago.

Edit: Here is the post from Laura’s Instagram. From over 2 years ago.


The feature won’t be coming in 20.2, full stop. Please refer to this thread for reliable information on what’s coming in 20.2:

That is kind of the point of photo editors. They are supposed to make it look as real as possible!

this is a Feature Laura has in her Developer Edition I believe… its not part of the Public Version of Infinite Flight and most likely wont come in 20.2 or later