20.2 update crash

Hi IFC… I had an issue earlier with the new update for 20.2 concerning stats… but it’s been fixed so far. But another problem has turned up and that’s when I open the app, it closes back immediately
Opened it about 5 times and it just closed back

Hey! Sorry to hear.

To begin with, which type of device are you using and what operating system? :)

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Am using iPhone 6s

Which iOS version are you currently using?

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14.0.1 the latest iOS version

We’re not seeing any crashes at this point. But is the app crashing for you right at launch now?

Actually about an hour ago it did when I tried using the ATC mode on training server
And it happened 5 times after I open the app
Then it closes

Ah, then it’s most likely related to what we mention in the big blue banner on top of here :)

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I have an iphone 6s aswell and have had simmilar issues, I now use my mom’s 7 which works fine, but the 6s was very laggy. I crashed multiple times too.

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Will try the app again… hope it works

Yeah… I think I should go for iPhone X probably 🤦🏽‍♂️

Yeah. I’m pretty sure our 6s’s are getting a bit too old. Most likely will try to get an 11 or 10. I believe 6s IOS updates are also going to phase out after this year, I’m not sure. Its understandable anyways why IF may have some issues running on the 6s. Its a pretty big game for 5 year old technology. I’m surprised the 6s actually lasted this long though in terms of ios update support.

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I’m on a 6s and it’s working perfect. I do have to say I always clear cache, restart and delete most replays before flights

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Wait… if you clear cache what will happen?
I keep asking people this 😂

Thanks for the help… I tried ATC mode for about 15min and everything seems fine
Thank you…

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