20.2 Tracking Thread Question

Why has this been closed does anyone know? It seemed to be a very well disciplined thread and I’ll admit I was sad to see it had been closed.


The threads get closed in order to keep discussion fresh. When a new feature is released it is temporarily opened again


Just in case, a lot tend to go off-topic every now and then. It helps everyone to not speculate on the official thread as it will lead others to believing false information :)

What was ‘unfresh’ that warranted its closure do you know @Drummer?

Basically what happened with the 20.1 thread getting a bunch of flags. They are trying to avoid that here

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Will the now closed thread be used still to release sneak peeks at 20.2? @Drummer

Yes it will. Once something else 20.2 related is posted on social media, the moderators will reopen that topic to allow for more discussion and then close it again until more is announced

Yes. When they release another feature, it will open again. It’s an organized cycle

@Brad & @Drummer Thanks for the help. This can now be closed.

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