20.2 release

Big shoutout to everyone that worked on 20.2.
I am a little annoyed though that some of the old livery’s like the old Cathay pacific, air canada etc are gone as I honestly preferred them to the new ones but it doesn’t really matter. But anyways here’s hoping that everyone can play 20.2 online without issues 😃

I’m assuming this also applies to old liveries being brought through to the release. Having more liveries increases the bandwidth, and that stuff doesn’t grown on trees. It would make more sense to replace the older liveries and unneccesary liveries (special liveries) with newer liveries that are going to outlive the other ones (if they were brought through to the release).

Although I do agree that these liveries would still be cool to have in 20.2, I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Who knows, maybe in a year or two, Air Canada and Cathay Pacific will paint over their 777’s with the more recent liveries, making Infinite Flight more realistic.

Outstanding job Developers, Staff, Beta Testers, Alpha Testers, and the most underrated staff, @jarno80 (3D Artists). 👏👏👏


Yeah would be nice to have them but it doesn’t really matter

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