20.2 multiple VAs, group flights, and uncommon callsigns

Three questions about the new 20.2 display name and callsign system:

  1. What do you do if you are in 2 VAs? How often does the game actually check if you’ve updated VA affilication on IFC?
  2. What about group flights, especially VA group flights? (BTW I have a feeling there will be an increasing number of callsign conflicts in general at ATCed airports…)
  3. How do you realistically do flights for airlines not on the callsign list? The old compromise was to use the ICAO code as a GA callsign.
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  1. I believe the solution before updates after 20.2 would be to change the VO affiliation on your IFC profile
  2. Not sure about this question
  3. There isn’t, you gotta use the country GA callsigns.

If you are in multiple VA’s, you can change your affiliation on the IFC and it will update in game depending who you fly for.

You can customize your callsign based on the parameters listed in the topic. OR just keep the current one you have now and it will stay in the update. As long as you don’t change it after the update, you can keep your current VA callsign that you wish to use

Not everything is set in stone as far as callsign yet. There are bigger changes coming soon that will hopefully remedy all or at least most issues

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Yeah we need a way of requesting airline callsigns that does not require waiting for an update

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Waiting is not necessarily needed. As far as I know, they can be added pretty quickly.

A very valid point. At SIVA we are looking at this internally to see what we can do to facilitate. If we have a featured route and multiple pilots decide to fly that route they could technically set their callsign to ‘Swiss 64’ in which case ATC would have multiple requests from pilots all under the same callsign?

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