20.2 is close

77W rework 77F rework A320 engine modification grouping sids & stars Display will now be Community name Locked free cam


The devalopers don’t give a release date, info gets updated here: Official 20.2 Tracking Thread

I’m glad you are excited. I am as well. Stay tuned amd check out the Official 20.2 Tracking Thread for official posts about the update

Will the A321 Be included? And does this mean we’ll have specific engine sounds on the A320s now?

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We don’t know. Unless it is officially confirmed by devs, it’s not certain


The image they showed of the remodeled engine is a Wizz A321.



I’m confused: what is the point of this topic?

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To show people that I new to infinite flight Community to know what’s coming in the next update.

Sorry, but that spot is reserved for the Official 20.2 Tracking Thread

But we already have a development thread to do that exact thing. I’m still confused…

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You can find anything that is confirmed in 20.2 in the thread below: